TX: Sensitive documents found in a dumpster

Nadia Ramdass reports from KENS 5 in San Antonio about the discovery of documents in a dumpster at Creston Ridge:

Materials found in the dumpster included applications filled out by those looking to lease a home on the property dating back to 2008. In addition, forms contained social security numbers, drivers license numbers, birth dates, photo IDs and even salary information…. Jones also discovered a stack of checking deposit slips with Creston Ridge’s bank account number.


Yes! Communities Regional Manager Randy Brooks issued the following statement:

“It is our company policy to destroy all files that contain personal information. If we have overlooked this policy I can assure you it was by accident. We would like to apologize to anyone this may affect. We will look into other safe guards to keep this from happening again in the future.”

Read more on KENS 5.

Texas has been one of the more activist states when it comes to going after those who insecurely discard paper records with PII.  Congress, on the other hand, tends to exclude paper records from its proposed breach notification laws.

Three guesses who I think has the more appropriate response.

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