TX: Tax returns and loan documents found unshredded in dumpster

Andy Liscano reports:

Someone mailed an envelope anonymously to Action Ten’s Andy Liscano. It didn’t have a return address on it. But inside were tax returns and loan documents for 7 Corpus Christi residents. Sensitive personal information that, in the wrong hands, could potentially be disastrous for these people.

One of them is a Corpus Christi Police officer. Another, a local business owner. Many of them longtime clients of Linda Obregon, who prepares their taxes.

There were also pictures in the envelope. Pictures of dumpsters which we found all the way in the rear of small business complex on SPID. There was also a handwritten letter, which said in part, ‘these documents can be found periodically in dumpsters behind Linda Obregon’s Secretarial Services. Please investigate.’

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