TX: Two George’s at Center of Credit Card Fraud Investigation

Keaton Fox reports:

Tonight there are more questions about what was going on at Two Georges Restaurant, now the center of a credit card abuse case.

Police say several people filed reports that their credit card was charged hundreds of dollars, months, even years after they had visited the restaurant.

Now the businesses has been evicted and the owners can’t be found.


Police say four people have come forward, including one since our original story aired, to say their credit card was falsely charged by the restaurant. According to police records, some customers reported they had eaten at the restaurant years ago and now charges in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars were showing up.

In this police report, one customer reported the owner told him a former employee was responsible and fired for the fraudulent charge.

But now, the restaurant’s owners can’t be found, according to employees, who tell us, they haven’t been paid.


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