TX: Val Verde Regional Medical Center patient data dumped by LockBit

Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) appears to have been the victim of a ransomware attack involving LockBit.

According to LockBit, Val Verde Memorial Hospital was compromised and 96,000 patient records were exfiltrated. The listing was added to the leak site on March 16, with LockBit noting that the patient records had the following table format:

PatientID|AccountNo|MRN|FirstName|MiddleName|LastName|Email|Address1|Address2|City|State|Phone|Mobile|Pager|Zip|DOB|SSN|Gender|Status|Type|Emp Name|Emp Addr 1|Emp Addr 2|Emp City|Emp State|Emp Zip|Emp Phone|PCP|Marital|GuarantorName|GuarantorDOB|Guarantor Relation|ReferringDR|RenderingDR|Notes

The March 16 listing provided examples of patient records.

DataBreaches.net sent inquiries to VVRMC on March 17 and March 18, but received no reply.

Yesterday, Lockbit dumped almost 400 MB of patient data.

DataBreaches.net sent another inquiry to VVMRC today, but again, there was no reply. There is no notice on their website, no listing on HHS’s public breach tool at this time, and no press release or media notice that this site has been able to find.

The data dump is pretty much exactly what you would expect given the listing LockBit had posted as a sample. All of the data files were in plain text and included demographic information and health insurance information. One of the files also included the medical purpose of a patient’s visit.

DataBreaches.net did not attempt to calculate the total number of unique patients, but there were 96,000 records in the Patients file, more than 53,000 entries in the Patient Contacts file, and more than 85,000 entries in the Patient Insurance file.

On March 24, LockBit dumped patient data from VVMRC. Image: DataBreaches.net

This post will be updated if more information becomes available.

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