TX: Woman sentenced to 34 years over Irving ISD ID theft

As a follow-up to a case previously covered on this site where Irving ISD employees became victims of ID theft after paper records with their personal information was tossed out, unshredded, the Associated Press now reports that Sharon Denise Seeley pleaded guilty and was sentenced for her role in the scam. Seeley was sentenced to

30 years for fraudulent use or possession of identifying information. She was sentenced to two years on each of two counts of credit card abuse.

The 40-year-old woman will serve the sentences concurrently.


Thieves were blamed for getting the data of more than 3,000 Irving teachers and other district employees from an old benefits report. Seeley, who was arrested in 2009 at a mall, says the information she used came from a binder thrown in a trash bin.

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