U. of Florida reports breach

Posted by the University of Florida:

In August, the University’s Privacy Office was notified of a privacy breach after the discovery of an unprotected computer file containing 34 names and 25 Social Security numbers. We believe the personal information belongs to trainers working with the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education program in 2006. The file was immediately removed. We began a review of the situation, but we have been unable to identify the individuals whose Social Security numbers appeared on the list.

The file in question was last modified in September 2006 and was managed by a program director, who retired in 2008. The new director of the program was unaware the file existed. UF information technicians discovered the file last month during a routine security check.

We believe the risk for anyone using the information for identity theft or other unlawful purposes is extremely low.

The university could not verify the current contact information for the trainers on the list. Anyone who thinks he or she may be one of the 34 people on the list should read the information provided on UF’s Privacy Web site at http://privacy.ufl.edu. Concerned individuals may also call UF’s Privacy Office Hotline toll-free at 1-877-657-9133.

Source: U. Florida

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