UAE Muslim Brotherhood trial: ‘Secret data stolen from flash drive’

Seen in a report by Abdulla Rasheed on a case in Abu Dhabi:

The first witness, an officer at the National Security Department, said one of the accused stole some important secret information related to state security from his flash drive. He said he was also a member of the board of Hatta Sports Club in Dubai.

In April 2012, the witness wanted to write an article about the club’s activities and needed some pictures from M.R., a 42-year old Egyptian and the third accused suspect in the case.

The witness claimed that he gave M.R. the flash drive containing the official information for only half an hour.

The officer then alleged that M.R. copied the confidential and classified information containing documents and pictures from that flash drive. The first witness explained that he only knew what happened six months later, when his office notified him that sensitive information he was handling was leaked outside.

Read more on Gulf News.

A National Security Department employee just handed over a flash drive with top secret information and trusted the recipient to only copy a picture on the drive? Seriously? And he’s still employed there?

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