Uber Exec Allegedly Concealed 2016 Hack With $100K BTC ‘Bug Bounty’ Pay-Off

Turner Wright reports:

Joseph Sullivan, a former Chief Security Officer at Uber, allegedly tried to cover up a 2016 hack of sensitive data by funneling a hush money payment of $100,000 in Bitcoin through a bug bounty program.

The hackers had obtained the drivers’ license numbers of roughly 600,000 Uber drivers as well as private information for roughly 57 million users.

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In other news concerning that incident, sentencing for Brandon Glover and Vasile Mereacre, who both pleaded guilty, has been delayed again — now until February, 2021.  Their prosecution/case has been a bit surprising as they have not been in custody this whole time, and they pleaded guilty last year… so why is sentencing so delayed? Yes, the pandemic, but other cases have moved forward, so why haven’t they been sentenced?  So that they don’t get incarcerated during the pandemic? Maybe. Or maybe they’re cooperating with DOJ more?  Their statements indicated that a third party had helped them, but that individual was not named in court filings and was not even indicated as an unindicted co-conspirator. Is something in the works there?

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