Uber’s PR woes just continue

Uber’s problems just keep multiplying, it seems. Not only did they have a “God View” privacy PR disaster that had a member of Congress inquiring, but then they had a data breach exposing customers’ lost-and-found items. Since then, they have had problems with Canada, France, Germany, and the Netherlands,  their drivers’ information was hacked (for which they’ve been sued), some customer data was found up for sale (which they deny), and now rumors started that their Chinese operations had been hacked as well.  Dominic Jackson reported:

According to Sohu, last night Uber’s Chinese region software suffered difficulties and went offline. Shortly after, drivers were told in private that the company was under attack by hackers and that data had been lost. Another post was then released more widely explaining the outage.

Read more on Shanghaiist, but do note that Uber says there was no hack and this is just rumor-mongering.


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