UC San Diego Hacked, Data leaked By Grey-Security @gsec_

university-of-california-san-diego Hacker collective Grey Security other wise know for there twitter handle @gsec_ has dump a load of data from the University of California, San Diego website and servers (https://www.ucsd.edu/). The leak was announce on the hackers twitter with the following announcement. > #Hacked – University California – San Diego – [pastebin.com/6GHFJFBB] #GSec @cyber_war_news @truthizsexy — Grey Security (@gsec_) December 22, 2012

The leaked data was posted to pastebin with the message which states that this attack had no real reason to it and they also push the point that they are not any part of anonymous at all and it would appear they do not have a very big liking for them either.

First and foremost, this leak wasn’t for "educational purposes", nor was it for any reason. We(#GSec) simply do shit for the #LuLz, and because, well it’s simple. We wreck shit, because we can. So without any more further ado, I guess it’s time we step-back and dust off the ole’ #BlackHat. That’s right, we are tired of taking on operations where, we do things for a specific reason and then the deep-web and other/s take the liberty nay have the balls to give our credit to ANONYMOUS. From here on out, IF THE HASH-TAG SAYS #GSEC, ITS FUCKING GREY-SECURITY, NOT ANONYMOUS. WE ARE OUR OWN NATION. WE ARE OUR OWN DEEP-WEB. BE PREPARED. We are tired of pussy’s hiding behind mask/s and taking credit for data that ISN’T THEIRS. We are tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. We are tired of the bullshit. You created the monster, now you deal with it.

Leaked data was in the format of usernames, emails and encrypted passwords with other server related information. Stats Full archive page on ozdc.net Source: Pastebin

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