Ucar reveals cyberattack earlier this year

Lesechos reports (translation):

The vehicle rental company Ucar revealed on Wednesday January 20 that it had been the target of ransomware earlier this year. The hackers found a gateway into its servers and rushed into it. “The full analysis of the attack, its depth and the associated issues, is still ongoing, ” said Nicolas Martin, secretary general of Ucar. The company has surrounded itself with professionals from a risk management consulting firm specializing in the fields of IT and cyber, and a forensic expert firm to help it shed light on the nature and quantity of data hacked. “Starting from a data backup, the activity was able to restart, ”explains Nicolas Martin. The agencies served clients without interruption of service.”  The web services remained operational as well as the business software “, adds the secretary general of Ucar, specifying that he will keep the market informed of the progress of the investigations.

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