UConn website compromised, prompting users to download malicious program

Kyle Constable reports:

The University of Connecticut’s website was compromised Sunday, prompting visitors to download a malicious program posing as Adobe Flash Player, according to a university spokesman.


The university website’s DNS records – Internet protocols that associate the URL “uconn.edu” with the website’s server and content – were compromised around 11 a.m., Breen said. The records, which are maintained by the nonprofit organization Educause, were changed to direct users to “a point elsewhere” instead of the content hosted on the server for UConn’s website.

In addition, the university website’s MX records, which link “@uconn.edu” email accounts with the university’s server, were also changed. This initially prevented university officials from updating the DNS records to point back to the UConn server instead of the location of the malicious software, as email verification is required to make changes, Breen said.

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