Uganda, kaabong District website hacked, accounts leaked by #DoktorBass

Anonymous australia hacktivist doktorbass has been making a name for themselves over the last few with many attacks on different targets. Last week however they attacked a womens rights website then had remose over the attack. Yesterday #Doktorbass has released another hack, this time with sights set on a Uganda based government website that is for the district of kaabong The attack has been labeled as part of #opfuckuganda and is not the first Uganda based website they have attacked either. The leak was posted to pastebin with the following message stating that it was actually obtained some time last week before the women’s rights attack.

Dear readers, This is just a little dump i’ve had sitting on my computer for about a week, i wasn’t sure what to do with it… But apparently in the wake of my "accidental dump" which i much regret, we suddenly have #OpFuckUganda going on, which i’m not sure exactly why, but here’s my contribution anyway. Cheers, #DoktorBass

The leaked data contains just over 1400 account details with emails, usernames and encrypted passwords, all account have been processed by so if you fear your account has been comprised you may check there.

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