UGNAZI Hacker Cosmo Banned From Internet for 6 years

hitler-cartoon-character-4Media website wired has reported that UGNAZI "Leader" @CosmoTheGod has finally been sentenced for the attacks he carried out while flying the UGNAZI flags around the interwebs. Wired reports that Cosmo who is 15yo has pleaded guilty to all charges and is now facing a 6 year ban from using the Internet. Over the coarse of a few months earlier this year UG hackers rage havoc on many different servers resulting in major headlines across the world. The 6 year ban from the Internet has as expected seen some rage and questions be asked. How can one possibly stay way from the Internet for such a long time in modern days, specially one who is 15yo as they will need it to access for studies. The wired news article has the following statement extraction which gives hint that his paraol office can give permission to use the internet at any time.

He cannot use the internet without prior consent from his parole officer. Nor will he be allowed to use the internet in an unsupervised manner, or for any purposes other than education-related ones. He is required to hand over all of his account logins and passwords. He must disclose in writing any devices that he has access to that have the capability to connect to a network. He is prohibited from having contact with any members or associates of UG Nazi or Anonymous, along with a specified list of other individuals. He had to forfeit all the computers and other items seized in the raid on his home.

Cosmo was arrested this year in june not long after UGNAZI started falling apart and other members such as @le4ky had left the group. Early in the year we had a chance to interview Cosmo and from then it was clear that he is not your typical 15yo kid. With wide views and very high intelligence its almost sure to effect his life for a long time not being able to use the skills he has. Only time will tell if he can sit out the complete 6 years or figures out other ways to get online but either way if Cosmo does get back online i suspect he is smart enough not to be doing the same as in the past. Wired’s article.

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