UGNAZI Team joined forces with Anonymous hacktivist

Hacker collective UGNAZI or @UG has just announced via their twitter account that they are teaming up with anonymous hacktivist.

UGNazi ‏@UG We have joined forces with #anonymous. We Are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.#anonymous#UGNazi

For the past few months UGNAZI have been causing major trouble on the Internet after taking down some of the biggest and most well known sites. The attacks they have been doing range from personal doxing all the way to creating their own tool set that is said to be used to take down sites like see the last couple of weeks of ugnazis doing here We have also been told there is new operations coming soon so be sure to follow their twitter accounts. @UG @CosmoTheGod @JoshTheGod @Le4ky

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