UGNAZI Website Under F.B.I. Investigation For Comcast & WHMCS Attacks

It would appear that the recent comcast and whmcs attacks have made the F.B.I start investigating the  website which was being used as a based for the leaked files from the recent #UGNAZI attacks. When checking the website it now redirects to the FBI home page and a tweet from the UGNAZI member @le4ky states that they are under investigation "Comcast and WHMCS hack have seriously caused a problm, lol, is under investigation! #Time to hibernate!". We spoke to them quickly today about this and asked if the FBI had seized the domain, with the clear answer being yes. Both attacks have caused fairly big media attention, but more so the WHMCS one which has seen almost a full weeks worth of issues for the company with the leak being followed by ddos attacks and defacings which left the site and forum offline for some period of time. As well as the fbi doing this there was also threats being made from a Crew using the name GearSec who claimed to be from the underground hacking scene, but we have yet to see anything come from this. So yet another website has been taken down and now in control of the FBI, how many more websites will suffer the same problem over the coming years….

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