UK: 10,000 Drivers In Parking Ticket Data Breach

Roddy Mansfield reports:

A database of parking ticket details for almost 10,000 motorists has been mistakenly published online, a Sky News investigation can reveal., which claims to have collected penalty charges for 20 years and has a direct link to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database, allows drivers to pay fines via its website.

The company says it is dedicated to safeguarding motorists’ privacy and that transaction details entered into the site are encrypted.

But a backdoor link to its computer database seen by Sky News gave public access to drivers’ names and addresses provided by the DVLA; information that is restricted to police and licensed parking firms.

The content of emails appealing penalty charges could also be read and photographs of motorists and their vehicles taken by enforcement officers can be seen.

Read more and see the proof on Sky News.

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