UK: 15 schools in Nottinghamshire crippled by cyber attack

Bobby Hellard reports:

Schools across Nottinghamshire have had to shut down their IT networks after a central trust that manages their systems was hit by a cyber attack.

All 15 secondary schools that are part of the Nova Education Trust are currently unable to access emails or their websites, and are still unable to conduct lessons remotely.

Read more on ITPro.

NottinghamLive provides a list of the schools that are part of the Trust.

There is no mention in the report as to whether the Trust or individual schools have received any ransom/extortion demand.  Was this a double extortion model attack? The Trust’s last update was March 3:

8.15am Wednesday 3rd March 2021

In response to a cyber attack we have had to shut down our systems as a preventative measure in the short term, so we do not have access to our usual modes of communication such as email, phone and website. We will therefore not be able to provide live teaching today or upload new learning resources. We recommend that all students follow their usual timetable, spending their time consolidating their learning from recent lessons by studying their notes and access related on line resources through BBC BitesizeOak AcademyGCSE PodSeneca etc.

We will keep you updated via this website and your school Twitter feed throughout the day.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

The Executive Team
Nova Education Trust

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