UK: 300,000 prescriptions lost by NHS

The BBC reports:

Thousands of prescription forms, carrying the names and addresses of patients, go missing every year as they are transported around the NHS.

The government has admitted that almost 300,000 have been lost or stolen in England since 1997.

Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley said handling of personal information was “serially incompetent”.

But Health Minister Dawn Primarolo said the number of prescriptions lost was less than 0.01% of the total issued.


In response to a Parliamentary Question from the Conservatives, Ms Primarolo said that between April 1997 and September last year, a total of 298,100 forms went missing in 220 separate incidents of loss or theft.

There appears to be no year by year trend, either rising or falling – the highest number of forms lost was almost 69,000 in 2000/01, and the lowest 10,400 in 2005/06.

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