UK Arrests 56 People For Data Theft, Hacking Attacks On Yahoo, DoD, PlayStation Networks

Sneha Shankar reports:

U.K.’s National Crime Agency (NCA) conducted 56 arrests in an effort to nab hackers during a “strike week” in the country. Officials conducted 25 different operations and those arrested were suspected of cybercrimes like data theft, fraud and virus writing, the BBC reported.

The raids were coordinated by NCA’S National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), special officers from regional organized crime squads and the Metropolitan Police. In the largest raid during the week, 25 people, suspected of using the Internet to steal money, launder cash and conduct other fraudulent activities, were arrested from London and Essex. One of the suspects arrested in the raids was a man who was allegedly a part of the hacking group D33Ds, which attacked Yahoo in 2012 and published passwords of over 400,000 email ids online.

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