UK: Burglars steal equipment with 8,000 dental patients' information

Here’s another UK breach that we didn’t hear about at the time and only learned about because the entity had to sign an undertaking with the ICO:

An undertaking to comply with the seventh principle of the DPA has been signed by Alan M Casson & Associates, after two unencrypted laptops and back up media had been stolen during a burglary of their premises. The laptops contained personal data relating to 8000 current and past patients.

The undertaking indicates that although “the personal data did contain a note of treatment received, it did not contain any details concerning patients’ medical history.” The practice appears to be a dental practice in Harrogate.

The laptops had been stored in a locked cupboard in a locked office. The back up media was stored in a safe which was also stolen during the incident.

There is no indication as to when this incident occurred.

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