UK: Burglary and theft account for a third of data security breaches

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a press release:

New figures from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reveal that burglaries and theft are the single biggest security risks for organisations processing people’s personal details. 711 organisations across the public, private and third sectors have reported security breaches to the ICO since 25 million child benefit records went missing two years ago this month; 231 of these involved theft. Several organisations have signed formal Undertakings to step up security at premises to ensure that people’s personal details are adequately protected. Over 200 private sector firms have reported breaches to the ICO and 209 NHS bodies, which tend to hold some of the most sensitive personal data such as health records, have identified breaches.

Speaking to data protection chiefs today, David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner, will say: “Since November 2007 we have taken action against 54 organisations for the most reckless breaches in line with our commitment to proportionate regulation. Some of these breaches would trigger a significant fine for organisations were they to occur after the introduction of monetary penalties in 2010.

Read more on the ICO’s site.

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