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Big Brother Watch cites a Cambridge News article from May 13, but I can’t seem to load the original article, so am using BBW’s report:

Elderly care papers held by an agency were found dumped in a bin as part of a shocking series of data breaches by Cambridgeshire County Council, the News can reveal.

A report released by anti-surveillance group Big Brother Watch reveals that between April 2011 and April 2014, there were 34 data breaches by Cambridgeshire County Council.

This included elderly care papers held by an agency being found in a bin, a child review sent to wrong person, a case review containing excessive personal information published to the public and family assessment information sent to the wrong families.

In addition to this, a child file was ‘left unattended’ and handed to police – and a batch of 12 ‘cc’ letters to a psychologist were sent to the parents of one of the subjects of the letters, rather than to the professional concerned.

Despite the data breaches, Cambridgeshire County Council states in the report that there have been “fewer than three dismissals”, no resignations and the details of “three specific disciplinary action cases have been recorded centrally by HR, but further details of informal disciplinary actions and training” is not.

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