UK: Card fraud on rise in travel sector

Travel companies suffer a higher rate of card fraud than the average UK business as a result of the explosion in card-not-present transactions.

An industry conference in London yesterday was told that overall card fraud is falling, but card-not-present transactions have ballooned and retailers invariably bear the cost of the fraud loss.


There are no figures for card fraud specific to travel. However, Trevor Sears, external UK counsel to IATA and partner at law firm Davenport Lyons, confirmed Mooney’s warning. He said: “Travel suffers more than other sectors at the moment.”

Fraud makes up a fraction of the total value of card transactions, however. Total transactions were worth £412 billion last year. Mooney said fraud accounted for about 0.12%.

Read more on TravelWeekly.  There’s an interesting comment on the article about the lack of follow-up when an agent tried to report a fraudster.

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