UK: Computer hacker, 21, faces jail for stealing customer details from TalkTalk in massive data breach which cost the mobile network £77m

Henry Martin reports:

A computer hacker who stole customer details from mobile network TalkTalk in a massive data breach which cost the company £77m in lost business is facing jail.

Daniel Kelley, 21, was one of a group of cyber criminals behind the massive data breach in October 2015.

The gang also demanded 465 bitcoin – now worth more than £285,000 – from 51-year-old former TalkTalk chief executive Dido Harding in exchange for not releasing the data.


Kelley appeared at the Old Bailey today as the Crown indicated it was no longer in the public interest to proceed after doctors deemed him unfit to stand trial through depression.

They asked that the single count of blackmail lie on his file.

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Wow. When you see what the others were sentenced  to,  also, you see once again how dramatically lighter sentencing for hacking is in the U.K.

So Kelley gets some charges dropped because he’s too depressed to stand trial?  And the minute the threat disappears, will his depression lift enough for him to resume hacking? Jeez….

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