UK: Computer virus shuts down Exeter University system (updated)

From ThisisExeter:

The entire computer network at Exeter University had to be closed down after a it was hit by a virus attack.

Hundreds of computers were taken off-line and lecturers were forced to give up their hi-tech teaching and return to using chalk and blackboards.

It meant that there was no access to email, internet and internet-based systems, and even the telephone network was affected.

The computer virus, which has not yet been identified, struck on Monday. As soon as it was spotted the university network was shut down to prevent it spreading.

Zack Whittaker of ZDNet (UK) has more on this situation:

The virus hit the network on Monday and is still having major implications even now – two days later. According to the IT support email:

“…this is a completely new virus and we are the only organisation in the world to experience it. None of the mainstream virus software suppliers have seen this virus, and as such, there is no fix.”

It’s unclear if this virus is entirely unique, but it does highlight the challenges of security.

According to my source within the university, they are attempting to fix the issues with MS09-050, which details a vulnerability in Windows Vista (including SP1 and SP2), along with Windows Server 2008 (SP1 and SP2), which allows remote code execution.

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