UK: Computer with details of hundreds of children stolen in youth club burglary

?A computer containing the names, ages, addresses and medical conditions of hundreds of children has been stolen in a raid on a youth club.Details of up to 700 youths are stored on the computer belonging to Sparks Project in Courtway Road, Orchard Park, north Hull.

Tony Fee, who launched the youth project in 2006, has stressed the computer is password-protected, but admitted he was deeply concerned by the theft.

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When people talk about having different security requirements or layers depending on sector, they often do so because of type of information typically associated with the sector. But as this breach reminds us, yet again, that medical information is not just collected and retained by the health care sector. And when all is said and done, does it matter if your medical information was on a laptop stolen from a hospital or from a youth club or insurance company? Should protection requirements go with the type of information or sector? I’ve always felt it should go with the type of information. What do you think?

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