UK: Confidential records of mentally ill patients found in cabinet bought on eBay

Another totally inexcusable and shameful privacy breach.

Personal documents containing confidential details of mentally ill patients of the former Wolverhampton NHS Primary Care Trust were found in a filing cabinet bought on eBay.

The cabinet contained 60 pages of documents including details of patients’ history of sexual abuse and suicide attempts.

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“Former” trust? Who took over? And who was responsible for cleaning out/up the former trust? Who, exactly, put these up for sale?

Update: More details about the 60 pages of documents has emerged:

…. 16 case files detailing the sexual abuse of patients and their suicide attempts and a further 20 files with the names of other patients.

In total there were more than 60 pages of documents containing confidential records including bank details of patients with the former Wolverhampton NHS Primary Care Trust.

Amy said: “There were staggering details of intimate medical histories.

“It included names, addresses, phone numbers and even bank details.


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