UK Council for Graduate Education Hacked, Defaced & 636 User Accounts Leaked UPDATE 1

ukcgeupdate 1: appears the hacker has made a return to the website and left it with a new defacement titled LULZ.. #2. A hacker who uses the handle smitt3nz has leaked data from the UK Council for Graduate Education website ( after breaching it and leaving it defaced as well. The data leak which was uploaded to pastebin on the 1st  comes with no messages or statements but does state the system is storing its passwords in clear text but the defacement states that their security wasn’t so tight. 8d-rubber The leaked data was posted to pastebin and contains 636 user accounts with user names/email addresses and clear text passwords. At time of publishing the website was still defaced and the hackers account on twitter is still suspended (@smitt3nz).

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