UK: Court sent me people's secret files

George Hamilton reports in the Oxford Mail:

Oxford County Court has tightened its security procedures after a member of staff mistakenly sent sensitive medical information and National Insurance numbers to a woman trying to settle her parking fines.

Emma Kelly said she was worried identity fraudsters could have capitalised on the error, which saw a form containing highly confidential information about nine people sent to her.


Her Majesty’s Court Service said the blunder was the result of an “administrative error”.

The A4 sheet – which bears no relation to the documents concerning Miss Kelly’s court proceedings – contained the names of what appears to be nine NHS patients, their respective National Insurance numbers, and the medical wards in which they were treated.

Information on the document sent by the court in St Aldate’s also included a list of court orders for fines against the people on the list and handwritten reference numbers – including one for the Child Support Agency.

Full story – Oxford Mail

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