UK: Credit cards cancelled after mystery online shopping ‘data breach’

Lucinda Borrell reports:

A data breach at an unidentified online retailer could have led to credit card users having their account details “compromised”, MoneySavingExpert has learned – resulting in Tesco Bank cancelling a number of its customers’ cards as a “precautionary measure”.

We don’t yet know who the online retailer is and it’s possible multiple credit card providers’ customers could have been put at risk. However Tesco Bank took action after being notified by Mastercard of the breach earlier this week, and is now in the process of identifying those at risk and cancelling their cards.

Read more on MoneySavingExpert. Again, note that this incident is not specific to Tesco or Mastercard. The breach is presumably at a retailer, so whatever card you used with the unnamed retailer may be impacted.


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