UK: Cyber attack recovery effort cost Hackney Council over £12m last year

Julia Gregory reports:

Town Hall number-crunchers say a cyber attack in October 2020 cost the council £12.2m in the last financial year.

This includes more than £444,000 spent on IT consultancy, £152,000 on recovery of the Mosaic systems used for social care data, and £572,000 on the housing register in the last financial year.

The figures were disclosed to the Citizen during the annual inspection of council accounts.

The ransomware attack was first reported in mid-October 2020 and the disruption to systems affected home sales because requests to process land searches were impacted.

In January 2021, Pysa threat actors started dumping data from the breach on their leak site.

Read more of Julia Gregory’s report at Hackney Citizen.


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