UK: Data theft: More records missing

Council bosses have revealed eight computer hard drives, which could contain personal and financial information about residents, are still missing.

Officials at Charnwood Borough Council say the devices are part of the same batch as one stolen by a former employee and sold on an internet auction site. They remain unaccounted for.

That hard drive, containing information about thousands of taxpayers in the borough, was recovered after the buyer in Scotland contacted the council, sparking fears about major identity fraud and theft.

Technician Peter Ward appeared at Leicester Crown Court last Friday and admitted two charges of stealing computer equipment from the council between November 2006 and August last year.

The 50-year-old, from Cumbrian Way, Shepshed, was sentenced to do 180 hours of community service.

After the hearing, council chief executive Brian Hayes said: “We recovered the one hard drive but there were eight others in the same batch which are still unaccounted for.”

Mr Hayes admitted it was possible they carried confidential information similar to the recovered drive but he said it was not possible to tell.

He said: “As we can’t find them, we don’t know exactly what was on them.

“There is nothing we can do to recover them.

“There is, however, nothing to suggest that any data has been used in an improper way and that any customer has been affected.

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