UK: Dental patients' records stolen in burglary

Dan Cain reports:

Patients of a dental surgery in Broadwater were informed confidential records had been stolen three months after the theft took place.

Broadwater Gentle Dental in Broadwater Road, was burgled between 9.10pm on March 4 and 7.20am on March 5.

Cain reports that the practice had only recently been taken over by Dr Sachin Anand and Dr Shal Anand days before the burglary. From media reports, it appears that although the dentists bought the practice complete with patient records, the data were likely not encrypted and not fully backed up:

“Despite all of our efforts, with various back up sources, we have been unable to recover some of the data. To prevent this unfortunate scenario from occurring in the future, we have upgraded our security measures. We are aware that these events have led to some disruption for patient appointments, and for this we are sincerely apologetic.”

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