UK: Derbyshire computer hacker who broke into a company’s emails is now helping it get secure

Kit Sandeman reports that a 24-year-old man from London who was arrested after targeting an unnamed organization in Derbyshire has been given a “restorative justice” option:

The man admitted accessing email accounts by using information found on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to identify targets, and bypass their security questions.

This then gave him access to information held by the organisation, which has asked not to be identified. Instead of pursuing a prosecution, the victims agreed to a ‘restorative justice’ option, whereby the hacker will now be giving advice to the organisation about cyber security and some of the methods used to breach networks.

I can understand that the company might not want the bad publicity of being identified publicly as the victim of hacking, but I am having a tough time believing the young man didn’t know he was breaking the law by what he was doing.

Read more on Burton Mail.

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