UK: Details of 'care-in-the-home' patients found in car park

Chris Caulfield reports:

Personal details of 50 home care patients, including keycode access to many of their doors, were left lying in a school car park before being found and handed in to the Herald & News.

Among the patients was a Member of the British Empire while all those on the list lived in the 01784 and 01932 telephone code area covering Staines, Ashford and Egham, as well as more from Sunbury and Shepperton,

All the patients, except one, had their phone numbers printed in full on the document belonging to the Shepperton office of London Care PLC.

Read more on Get Surrey.

These types of breaches involving keycode access pose a security risk to the patients. This is not the first time I’ve covered a breach like this on the blog and I hope the ICO really takes action on this type of breach.

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