UK: Doc Files Dumped in a Bin

Paul Thornton reports:

Hospital bosses have launched an investigation after documents revealing patients’ personal records were found dumped in a wheelie bin.

The details – on two sheets of paper – were discovered with a dictaphone tape, also thought to contain confidential medical data.

Data included the patients’ addresses and phone numbers, as well as notes about their illness and appointments.

The documents, from Ross Hall and Nuffield Health Hospitals, Glasgow, were found in nearby Milngavie by a shocked local who said: “I was horrified. This should never have ended up in my bin.”

A spokesman for Ross Hall claimed the documents had been posted by recorded delivery to a medical secretary, but had accidentally been pushed through the wrong letterbox.

He added: “Any breach of data protection involving our hospital is taken very seriously. We will conduct a full inquiry.”

Nuffield Hospital said they were also investigating the incident.

Source: Scottish Sun.

How do letters (and a dictaphone tape?) “pushed through the wrong letterbox wind up in a wheelie elsewhere? Something doesn’t quite make sense here.

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