UK: Drinks giant C&C Group subsidiary shuts down IT systems following security incident

Adam Bannister reports:

Matthew Clark Bibendum (MCB), a distributor of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in the UK and Ireland, says it’s working to restore IT systems following a cybersecurity incident.

In a statement issued yesterday (April 18), constituent businesses Matthew Clark and Bibendum said they were “temporarily supporting customers and suppliers manually” having become aware of the incident on Friday, April 16.

“MCB responded quickly, enacting its cybersecurity response plan and shutting down all of its IT systems,” reads the statement.

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C&C issued the following statement on April 19:

C&C Group plc (the “Group”) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Matthew Clark Bibendum Ltd (“MCB”), became aware on Friday 16 April 2021 that it was the subject of a cyber-security incident, which has impacted both Matthew Clark and Bibendum. MCB responded quickly, enacting its cyber-security response plan and shutting down all of its IT systems. A leading forensic information technology firm and legal counsel have been engaged to assist MCB investigate the incident and restore its IT systems as quickly and as safely as possible. The issue has not affected the IT systems of the wider C&C Group, which continue to operate as normal.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, MCB is operating at reduced volumes and, in order to minimise the impact of the incident on its operations, is temporarily supporting customers and suppliers manually, while IT systems are being restored.

MCB is in the process of informing its customers and suppliers of the incident and the actions the Company is taking and has notified the relevant authorities, including the Information Commissioner’s Office.

A further announcement will be made in due course, if appropriate.

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