UK: Durham County Council reassures pensioners after their information goes missing when a memory stick is lost

Here’s one I missed from earlier this month. Mark Summers reports:

Council chiefs say security was not breached when a computer memory stick containing the personal details of thousands of vulnerable pensioners was lost.

Clients of Durham County Council’s Care Connect warden service have been advised to set a new code on their key safe after the data went missing a few months ago.

The information is thought to also include burglar alarm codes, details of medication and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of relatives.

About 3,600 pensioners across the county have been affected but Durham County Council says there is no danger of criminals accessing the data because it was encrypted.

Whew! Thankfully, the council had followed encryption guidelines or this could have been so much more serious. But it’s always a good idea in such situations to change passwords or access codes.

Read more on Darlington & Stockton Times.

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