UK: East Lothian Council exposes cabbies’ personal info on web site

Kirsty Gibbins reports:

East Lothian Council has apologised over a “serious” staff error which saw the personal details and previous convictions of taxi licence applicants published on the local authority’s website for two hours.

The names, addresses, telephone numbers, driving history and criminal records of 12 applicants for either taxi driver or operator licences – due to be considered by the local authority’s licensing sub-committee yesterday (Thursday) – were mistakenly published last week on East Lothian Council’s website, which displays committee papers in advance of meetings.

The private papers also contained letters of complaints, complete with the complainants’ names and addresses. The information was made public for approximately two hours and was accessed four times, before the relevant council staff were alerted to the error and removed the documents.

Read more in the East Lothian Courier. The East Lothian Council was in the news earlier this year for other breaches.

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