UK: Essex County Council ‘sensitive’ data found in building

BBC reports:

An investigation is under way into how “sensitive” information belonging to Essex County Council ended up in a disused building.

The security breach was one of three “recent” episodes at the Conservative-run council.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed it is investigating the breaches.

According to BBC, two of the breaches were “committed by a former and current employee” and the third involved the “discovery of sensitive Essex County Council information in a disused building”. The council has been more forthcoming about the insider breaches than the discovery of documents in a disused building:

the other two incidents involved a “member of staff erroneously” sending a “spreadsheet to 40 volunteers containing their own personal details” and the third involved details of 400 people ending up in the hands of an ex-employee.

Read more on BBC. Although BBC doesn’t provide the details, the breach involving the details of 400 people was reported in the media, as I noted in a blog entry in August.  The documents in a disused building appears to be unrelated to a recent report of documents left behind by Enfield Council.

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