UK: Fears patient files at Hockley GP surgery hacked – urgent probe launched

Mike Lockley reports:

Thousands of alerts have been sent to patients at a leading GPs’ practice amid fears their medical records have been hacked.

Staff at Hockley Medical Practice, based in the Jewellery Quarter, have acted swiftly after being made aware of the possible cyber attack.

The surgery has 8,839 patients. A text message has been sent to all adults on its books.

Read more on BirminghamLive.  I think patients need to take this one very seriously, as one patient reported receiving a communication that sounds like an attempt to get the patient to click on a link that would compromise their information or their network:

One patient received an urgent email purporting to be from the NHS. It included personal details and even referred to his bid to join the army. He was told to click on a link for further action immediately.

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