UK: Former civil servant suing government department after ‘highly sensitive’ medical information reportedly revealed in email

Neal Keeling reports:

A former civil servant is suing the government department where he worked after ‘highly sensitive’ medical information about him was reportedly revealed to a dozen colleagues in an email.

Lawyers for Aftab Marchant have issued High Court proceedings against the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and are seeking damages of up to £50,000.

They claim Mr Marchant, from Levenshulme, who was a telephone agent at a DWP contact centre in Greater Manchester, suffered serious upset and distress having reportedly discovering ‘highly private’ information had been disclosed to workmates.

Read more on Manchester Evening News. It doesn’t sound like this was an accidental attachment gaffe or anything like that. From the available details so far, it sounds like some intentional decision to include information to others. Either way, this would have been a very distressing situation, but if it was intentional, then… yikes.

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