UK: Former The Gas Superstore employee sentenced for revenge hacking

Here we go again: another disgruntled former employee with IT skills wrecks havoc on their former employer.

The Leicester Mercury reports that The Gas Superstore lost £41,000 and had to stop trading for three days because of Andrew Kenneth Plumb’s actions. Reporter Suzy Gibson notes:

He cancelled customers’ deliveries and uploaded pictures of Coronation Street characters, including hairnet-wearing harridan Ena Sharples, on to the company’s website.

He also inserted derogatory comments, added links to competitors’ websites and changed passwords so staff could not access the system.

Plumb, who wasn’t employed in their IT department but was a transport manager for the firm, had a background as an ethical hacker and pen tester. He had been fired after working at the firm for six weeks.

In May 2014, Plumb pleaded guilty to three counts of gaining unauthorized access to computer systems.

He was sentenced to 8 months in jail when he appeared in court yesterday.




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