UK government sets out tougher guidelines to protect smart cars from hackers

Kylie MacLellan reports:

The British government issued new guidelines on Sunday requiring manufacturers of internet-connected vehicles to put in place tougher cyber protections to ensure they are better shielded against hackers.

The government said it was concerned that smart vehicles, which allow drivers to do things such as access maps and travel information, could be targeted by hackers to access personal data, steal cars that use keyless entry systems, or take control of technology for malicious reasons.

The new guidelines will also ensure that engineers seek to design out cyber security threats as they develop new vehicles, the government said.

Read more on Reuters.

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  1. ECA - August 7, 2017

    That you Park or even going Down a freeway and your car gets an Email/Update/…
    I thought long and hard about a car parking at home, and getting an update from Bluetooth/wifi for new Music..
    The Main problem is sending a Broadcast signal.. and the Car, looking for it, and then Turning on the connection.
    ANYTHING that has a broadcast, is telling Anyone in range..(UPTO 200 feet) that it is Sending a signal. And that can be hacked.
    And DONT SHARE the you will need to change it..AND REMEMBER IT..

    NOW do this to a Moving vehicle. Even install Data AFTER A FULL STOP AND PARK..
    Anyone gone thru a MS/WINDOWS update that DIDNT WORK?? BSOD on your display?
    OR NO BSOD, and your car JUST dont start..

    • ECA - August 7, 2017

      Turn on WIFI and BT and walk threw a parking lot..
      IF you send the Right signal, you will get a Challenge from a Car that ASKS automatically for a password/ID, and if its sent back..YOU CAN DO ANYTHING..

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