UK: Hacker breaches University of Greenwich, exposes 21,000 people’s data

Patrick Howell O’Neill reports:

A hacker who claims to be an angry and recently expelled student at London’s University of Greenwich allegedly decided to take revenge by hacking the school’s website, defacing it, and exposing the private credentials for over 21,000 people involved with the school.

“So due to my elite skills and e-fame, you guys decided to kick me out of University because you couldn’t handle the beast,” the hacker wrote on the school’s defaced website. “In response to this, I’ve used the skills I’ve obtained to show you how good I actually am. Please let me come back? :(“

Read more on the Daily Dot.  There doesn’t seem to be any statement up on the university’s web site as of the time of this posting, but if this breach is confirmed, this would be the U. of Greenwich‘s second breach this year.  The first one was self-inflicted.

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