UK: Hacker ‘caused global chaos by fuelling 1.7 million cyber attacks’

Tristan Kirk has a follow-up on his previous coverage of the Adam Mudd case.

A young hacker caused global chaos and “incalculable” damage by fuelling more than 1.7 million cyber attacks around the world, the Old Bailey heard today.

Adam Mudd, 20, helped fellow hackers to attack and crash websites and computer servers by selling access to his sophisticated TitaniumStresser programme.

The court heard Mudd’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) programme, designed in his bedroom in Hertfordshire when he was just 15-years-old, crippled computers in “every major city” around the world, causing millions of pounds of damage.

He first road-tested the programme on the website of West Herts College, where he himself was studying computer science, causing “incalculable” harm.

Read more on The Evening Standard.

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