UK hacker-for-hire jailed for role in SIM-swapping attacks, data theft

Charlie Osborne reports:

A British teenager has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after offering hacker-for-hire services to cash in on trends including SIM-swapping attacks.

The UK’s Norfolk police force said that 19-year-old Elliot Gunton, of Norwich, was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to hacking offenses. money laundering, the hacking of an Australian Instagram account, and the breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Read more on ZDNet.  From the report it sounds like he was doing very well financially.  But of note, he will not have to serve any more time at this point as the time was already served while he was on remand. There is a community order, however, as Osborne reports:

The 19-year-old is subject to a community order that prevents him from owning a device capable of connecting to the Internet unless it is made available for the police to view at any time, Internet histories must not be deleted, and he is also not permitted to make use of any VPN, encryption, or the Tor network.

Right. A teen with skills couldn’t possibly have a device that he might not divulge to the police, and he would never ever use a VPN or Tor, because that would be violating the order.

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