UK: Hackers break into schools’ CCTV system and stream footage of pupils live on the internet

James Tozer reports:

Happily chatting and walking between lessons, these children are being watched by school spy cameras designed for their protection.

Now it has emerged that the images can be viewed by anyone after the CCTV systems were hacked and put online.

A disturbing website, which boasts ‘Watch live surveillance cameras in the UK’, allows people anywhere in the world to spy on children, teachers and parents in real time.


The website broadcasting the footage claims no cameras are hacked and all the internet-connected cameras on the site do not have proper password protection.

Read more on Daily Mail. So have UK parents just discovered the Internet of Unsecured Things the hard way?  Were these systems really hacked or did they just use default configurations available to everyone or….?   And will this result in cams in toilets being removed?  Will any lessons be learned or is this just another 15 minute news cycle?


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