UK: Hackers possibly in the U.S. target more than 400 schools with bomb hoax

Camilla Turner and Helena Horton report:

American hackers targeted more than 400 schools with a bomb hoax, as more than a dozen police forces across the country launch investigations.

Many schools sent urgent messages to parents asking them to pick their children up on Monday morning and drew up emergency evacuation plans, after receiving an email which claimed a student had been sent in with a bomb which would blow up within hours.

Hackers, writing partly in English and partly in Arabic, demanded that each school must pay them a ransom and threatened to detonate the bomb if they money did not arrive. “We have sent in a student with a bomb,” the email said. “The bomb is set to go off in 3 hours time. If you do not send us $5,000 USD to [email protected].

Read more on The Telegraph.

So I’m not sure why we’re calling these folks “hackers.” Doesn’t sound like they actually hacked anything….?

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